Dear Members, 

We would like to notifícate that Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation has declined to remain a member of our Association, a decision that the ESDRA Board has accepted since no member should remain if not to their liking.

From the Board, we thank the Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation  for their years of livelihood and support for ESDRA and we wish them the best in this wonderful sport.

Any European Federation/Association representing their interests in a country not already represented in ESDRA can apply for membership. There will be no membership fees for 2020. A simple application has to be addressed to ESDRA board, that will review it for approval at the ESDRA Congress that is planed the same time as European Dryland Championships 2020 (to save costs). We are working on future application for new memberships, like Lithuania. 

We would like to remind our members that the ESDRA became active again this past September after the EGA in Riga, where the majority decided not to make it disappear.

The President and the Board were elected by the members present and with the right to vote, in order to look after the interests of the Sleddog Sport in Europe, collaborating as much as possible with the IFSS.

The decision to go ahead with the organization of the European Championship by ESDRA after the announcement of its cancellation by the IFSS is not due to irresponsible health on our part, but to the commitment to try to organize an event for our competitors, where the organizer and ESDRA will follow the pertinent sanitary measures that are required at that time. And if the date arrives, a new pandemic wave is expected, the Championship will be postponed without hesitation. The first thing is everyone’s safety! 

Just to clarify the situation, the organizer chosen from the first moment by ESDRA was based on the request sent on time and with information about the event in an appropriate manner, in addition to the provision in collaboration and modification of dates if necessary.

The other request was delivered after the deadline and with a dossier lacking information. This was the ONLY choice for IFSS Council. IFSS Continental Director and ESDRA Board, who was in the position to work on the election of the organizer for EU by the agreement before. Initially, the IFSS Council agreed so much that through the Continental Director it had also identified the Federation chosen by ESDRA with this decision, but then the IFSS Council changed its mind and made the decision to cancel the event due to a possible wave of COVID-19. However, the IFSS had been informed that a backup date had already been scheduled if the second wave had actually occurred.

ESDRA accepted the decision, as we explained in our previous newsletter, and decides to look forward to the event due the possible lack of any IFSS Dryland Championship in Europe till 2022. 

Many international Big Events in others sports have been cancelled, but other many have been postposed in dates and are working to try to get ahead the event. Then, Pandemia will decide.

On our compromise with European Members, 

Best Regards, ESDRA Board.