European Sled Dog Racing Association “ESDRA” and Federazione Italiana Musher Sleddog Sport “FIMSS” proudly announce that a contract for European Dryland Championship 2020 has been signed. The event will Take place on 29.10.-01.11.2020. in Auronzo di Cadore (BL, Italy). A backup location has been selected and in case of COVID-19 striking again, the event will be rescheduled for the next spring 1-4.04.2021.

The event will be shortened to 3 race days in case less than 350 participants will be entered before 1st of October.

Race will include the following classes:


1 and 2 dog scooters

4, 6 an 8 dog rig classes

There will be the corresponding RNB classes on the condition that enough participants enter, except canicross. Veteran classes for age groups of 40, 50 and 60+ years also will be run. All classes shall run over 2 heats.

Race will be run under current IFSS Race rules, except the correction that age of the dogs will be taken in to account by the 2019 rules edition.

The Technical organizer has proposed to include innovative new disciplines of Mid Distance Dryland (heats of ~20km). Such classes will be included if the rules will be agreed by 29 of July.

Invitations to will be sent out to ESDRA member organizations latest by 10.08. and the rest of potential participants by 17.08.

ESDRA Congress will be held in parallel with the event. Details to be coordinated with members soon.

ESDRA board