Dear ESDRA members,

ESDRA board that also has been working as part of the IFSS Europe Committee, has recommended IFSS Continental Director to select Italy as the Europe Continental Dryland 2020 Championship host based on the fact that it in timely manner had provided full and detailed offer that fully complies with a vision for a well organized event. ESDRA board from the beginning has insisted on a strict and detailed contract to guarantee to European mushers a well organized event, that shall offer video translations and live results as well as good living accommodations and challenging trails.

We would like to thank France for the second offer, that we recommend to re-apply for 2022 event, thus having the chance to iron out some of the less detailed parts in its offer.

ESDRA board expects IFSS Council to listen to its European member chosen representative choice, to prolong the ESDRA/IFSS agreement and make a change for the better future cooperation.