EU Dryland Championship
November 2020

Dear members and competitors, After meeting with the organizer of the next European Championship and carefully analyzing the situation of the Covid 19 Panademic in Europe, we have made the decision to postpone the event in Auronzo di Cadore from 29 October-1 November 2020  to April 2021.

We already know a lot of work of the vent has been done from our Organizer, FIMSS, who previously took the advantage to fix another date for this Event next spring 2021 just in case this situation would appear. And it has! 

For the safety of our competitors, volunteers, staff and public, we officially postpone the event. 

We want to offer you a wonderful event, enjoyable for everyone, having fun competing, social relationship, traveling and sharing a great time with your dogs…..without having a real infectious danger around .

We are not going to wait till next deadline in early October to take the decision, also if Italy right now is one of the most safe Europe Countries, and specially Auronzo di Cadore that is at to date still COVID-19 free, because nowadays the situation in several countries is complicated, being on the second wave of COVID 19. 

We would like to wish everyone to be safe, to train as much as you can, prepare well and see you all enjoying a safety event  in April !!
Best Regards
ESDRA Board.